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Tamarisk house

Updated: Jun 12, 2021

lower mill estate

It was an absolute pleasure working with the team from Monroe Homes. I spent the day shooting their first holiday home on the lakes at South Cerney, Cirencester in the beautiful Cotswolds.

It was a real group effort with Sarah, Nicky and Flavia on hand to dress the rooms and make the place look amazing. This job was like a dream for me - the house is amazing, the location stunning, it has everything a photographer could ever want in a job; I got to shoot stills, create a Virtual Tour and get some flipping gorgeous aerial shots with the drone too.

It took all day, literally, but it flew by. I was there to see the sunset on the deck over the lake.

It was a full moon and by chance everything fitted into place and I took the drone up one more time, check the position of the moon - no photo-shopping has taken place to create this shot! This is what I love to do.

You can see all this on the website at, whilst you're there why not book a stay too.

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